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2018-03-25 09:11 UTC
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![Mm... Steamed idols.](https://i.imgur.com/4QLSB8J.png) There were some fun jokes in Aroma and Mikan's test answers, mostly the second one of Aroma's, where she fills in the blanks of a bunch of kotowaza (Japanese proverbs) with demon-related answers. These weren't typeset in the end for the sake of aino's sanity, so I've gone over them along with some additional commentary below. The brackets are around the real answer. 1. 藪をつついて[蛇]を出す. "If you beat a bush, a [snake] emerges". We would probably say beat the grass. Essentially, it's saying don't stir the pot, leave well enough alone. Aroma writes that a goblin emerges instead of a snake. This was in the episode dialogue: to make more immediate sense, I changed it to "Don't look a gift ~~horse~~goblin in the mouth." 2. 石の上にも[三]年. "(Sit) upon a rock for [three] years (and it will warm up)". Kinda abstract, but it means good things sometimes take time. Aroma writes a hundred million instead of three years. 3. [猿]でも木から落ちる. "Even [monkeys] fall from trees." Nobody's perfect. Aroma writes bat instead of monkey, which still works. She should have been awarded points for creativity. She even draws a little bat falling from a tree. She's so great. 4. 絵に描いた[餅]. "Painted [mochi]". Practical things over nice-looking things, because for however pretty they may be, you can't eat painted glutinous rice cakes. Aroma writes skeleton instead of mochi and draws a little skull. What a clever little kid. 5. 地獄の沙汰も[金]次第. "Even Hell revolves around [money]." Pretty clear meaning. Aroma writes "me" instead of "money". 6. 井の中の蛙[大海]を知らず. : "The frog in the well knows nothing of the [great ocean]." It's a big fish in a small pond type meaning. Aroma writes that the frog knows nothing of the infernal realm and also drew a quizzical little frog. God, I wish Aroma would enslave my soul for eternity.

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