Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 012

2018-03-21 19:50 UTC
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  • Dragon Ball (Japanese Broadcast Audio) - 012.ac3 (79.0 MiB)
This seems to be a synced version of Dougo13's BA audio without the adverts and all that (I compared the two audios and they sounded about the same but I might be wrong).
Wait wait wait, why is the track in AC3 ? Did you convert it FROM the aac of Dougo13 ?
Dougo13 (AAC) - 164 Kbps Anonymous (AC3) - 448 Kbps Hypothesis 1) This is a rip from the original audio before being converted to AAC. Hypothesis 2) This is a rip converted and boosted from 164 Kbps to 448 Kbps while also changing its format to AC3 from AAC. The second option seems more likely, I'd guess. I don't really mind it either way, tbh. The more, the merrier.
@Super_Saiyan_Lusitano : Ok so I checked the AC3 track, and its almost the exact same sync as mine (https://nyaa.si/view/1018072), but if you want my opinion, I think he converted the AAC 164 Kbps to AC3 448 Kbps, which is a REALLY bad thing to do (NEVER convert from lossy to lossy !). I'm pretty sure he synced the track the "easy way" with Audacity : first convert it to WAV 32-Bit by Importing it, then sync it precisely with a Dragon Box track (32-Bit is very very accurate) and then export it in AC3 448 Kbps. I could've done the exact same thing, but I only used Audacity to take useful measures to edit the track losslessly in other softwares (and so it's still 164 Kbps, untouched) If the Uploader can confirm my thought about his work...
@andiandi So it is. On the bright side, you and this guy made two versions synced to the Dragon Box footage so that ain't too bad, either way. But yeah, it's totally pointless to change it to AC3 and pump up the bitrate. It reminds me of the damn fake FLACs out there but at least it's very few.
Yes exactly, I just fear this AC3 version spreads across Dragon Box uploads. Many people aren't aware of the terrible effects of lossy to lossy rip, even if you convert a 96Kbps file to a 448Kbps one.
Well it seems that around 2 months after the last comment from andiandi, the original uploader on nyaa of the Dragon Ball Broadcast Episode 12 (shiteaterbubibinman) found out that the person who coded all the videos he was uploading had converted the AC3 audio for Episode 12 to AAC. So it actually was originally AC3. All the other episodes uploaded by shiteaterbubibinman are either PCM or AC3. shiteaterbubibinman found out about this from the original ripper dougo13 when he contacted dougo13 to thank him and to tell him about the good reaction his rips were getting. Dougo13 noticed that Nanto’s software had changed the AC-3 audio in his rip to AAC. He then sent shiteaterbubibinman an audio file that he ripped personally using DVD Audio Extractor. The encoder Nanto also noticed the incorrect AAC audio, and sent shiteaterbubibinman a re-encode of episode 012 with AC-3 audio. So shiteaterbubibinman made a new torrent 2 months after he uploaded the AAC audio episode 12 torrent, where the new torrent has the new encoded episode 12 with AC3 audio from Nanto as well as the separate AC3 audio he received directly from doug13. Here is the link to the torrent. https://nyaa.si/view/1017654 I downloaded the new AC3 audio uploaded by shiteaterbubibinman and used ffprobe from ffmpeg to check the bitrate and it gave the following info. ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 256 kb/s So even if this torrent is somehow originally from doug13's AC3 audio, which it most likely isn't, it would still have been up converted to 448kbps. I continue in the next comment....
This torrent seems to have been uploaded only one day after the incorrect AAC version was uploaded, and it was still another 2 months before the correct AC3 was uploaded by shiteaterbubibinman. So that makes it look like there is a good chance that the torrent may actually be AAC converted to AC3. Since the uploader didn't give any info on the source of the audio and doesn't want to comment, anyone who wants this should download the version directly from shiteaterbubibinman which is the link I gave in the comment before this one. Then just sync it yourself, and you can be sure there has not been any loss in quality assuming that if you sync the audio that you save the new audio losslessly.
I just found andiandi's torrent for Episode 12 broadcast audio where he had uploaded the new AC3 audio from shiteaterbubibinman after syncing the audio so it is presynced to the dragon box video. He deleted his previous upload of episode 12 with the incorrect AAC audo. So just download the torrent from andiandi at the following link if you want the audio synced. https://nyaa.si/view/1035557 Otherwise if you want it unaltered, just download it from the link I gave 2 comments before this one.