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Code Geass is being recaped with 3 recap movies. All of the dialogue from the TV show was re-recorded with the original voice actors (sans Tamaki). Additionally, there are some new scenes to help bridge things together from their 17 episode copy/paste job. Koudou is the first of those movies and covers material up to season 1 episode 17. I believe this came out at the end of February but we didn’t decide to do it until last week when I saw a screenshot of one of the new scenes, which turned out to be Schneizel and Kannon hanging out in Schneizel’s fucking personal rose garden. You see that gazebo? They totally fuck in there. Now, about the subs: We took the subtitles from Bandai’s official release of season 1 and copy/pasted them and adjusted them accordingly. Some scenes were the same except 1 line got removed, etc. For the new stuff, we just translated that. Any lines that seem radically different from Bandai’s release is because I had to watch this whole movie to check for Sindalf’s fuck ups and I just changed any line that pissed me off when I saw it. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ For those of you who’ve seen the series, the biggest difference is the removal of Mao and everything related to his arc. There’s also no hotel scene. For those of you who’ve kept up with all of the side stories and spin-offs since R2 ended, there’s a new scene where Britannians see Lelouch and Nunnally off that is full of easter eggs. Even Clovis’s moe blob little sister from the old, old mobile phone game made the cut. [Big dumb list of new scenes & other notes for the movie.](https://ggkthx.org/notes/notes-for-code-geass-episode-i-koudou/) If you're interested in chatting about Code Geass, check out the [Cs' World Discord](https://discord.gg/kXG6GyH).

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a good reason to rewatch Code Geass
fansubbing status: saved
The memes live on.
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Why release it in 720p? the video looks blurry. Can you please release it in 1080p?
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"You see that gazebo? They totally fuck in there" LMAO
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Anime is officially saved.
Thank god fansubbing still exist in 2018. BTW, If a 1080p version ever comes out, will someone grab the translation from this and mkvmerge to that one?
maybe film https://nyaa.si/view/988394
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Thank you, gg and thank you Nyaa
Thank you gg! Your notes were a great read.