[Hi-res] 君の名は。Kimi no nawa Vinyl Edition. [DSD128/5.6Mhz]

2018-03-13 13:09 UTC
Rip from Vinyl, just some of 27Track.
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938.0 MiB
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Kimi no nawa Vinyl Edition. [Rip popular songs-> 4 of 27] Tracklist 1.前前前世 2.上白石萌音 3.スパークル 4.かたわれ時 7z compress,Original Size 1.65GB Files Details SampleRate 5.645 MHz Channels 2 ch. Bits per Sample 1bit Bitrate 11.29 Mbps Codec DSD128 If you want other song just leave title here, i'll upload later.

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  • Kimi no nawa Vinyl Edition.7z (938.0 MiB)
Man, I'd love to get the full vinyl rip.
You can upload an pack with the sousei no onmyouji soundtrack and singles? (in FLAC) Thanks.

fuwari (uploader)

@Primae_Noctis May be in last week of month, or in MidApr. i'll rip them @_@ @Liam43 Sorry bro, I don't collect that. T_T
don't worry thanks for sharing, i expect your upload. (^_^)ノ
Please @fuwari other releases in .dsf! Thanks a lot. Full album please! nwn
Can you upload the same files in FLAC format? I'm having a hard time converting them.
@Hmmm only use foobar2000 with plugin SACD
try with dbpoweramp, do not install the cli encoder.
why not all of the tracks?
Can you please include scan/pictures of the vinyl disc and the cover (and booklet) when you rip all the tracks? I'd love to see it. Waiting for the full version. Thank you for sharing!
DSD is a very daft format to rip Vinyl in. First of all you have vinyl noise, THEN you add MORE noise via DSD. Protip: just rip to FLAC. Preferably (48/16) https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php/topic,93998.0.html " Vinyl is equivalent to which digital bit-depth and sampling rate?"
Sanks, but why only 4 tracks :\
Audio quality is godlike, but men... Why all these disturbing background noises ? You should have rip your vinyl in an other format like somebody told you before...
Does anyone know how to convert this to FLAC without reducing much sound quality? I have tried using foobar2000 and the results are not satisfactory.
@Roni_Nicholas You can use ffmpeg
after listening to all 4, I think these are: かたわれ時 スパークル (movie ver.) なんでもないや (movie ver.) 前前前世 (movie ver.)