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Finally the whole anime is fansubbed, thx Saizen! Btw I have a request to do, I am a huge fan of Mitsuru Adachi, you know the one & only genius of sports/school life/romance mangaka, there is one work of his that hasn't been translated yet after all those years, Hiatari Ryoukou!, few years back I saw the first 2-3 episodes & I was glued to the screen but when I notice that is a half-subbed anime I stopped watching, because I didn't want to stop in a good part later, I decide to w8 for ray=out to complete the project, 4 years later & they haven't release a single episode... Please finish the rest episodes it's a shame that an anime of this quality left unfinished & Adachi fans still can't watch it to this day, it's anime such as this one that deserve more than anything the attention of a group like Saizen, because if Saizen decide to do it we will be sure that they are gonna do an amazing job, I hope you will seriously consider my request I'm sure you know how many people our there love Adachi & they will be grateful to you if you manage to finish this project.
Captain Tsubasa has 128 eps, so there's two more to completion. :) Nevertheless, I am Adachi fan as well so your request is seconded by me. Some Russian group has actually subbed Hiatari Ryoukou! and here are the _Russian_ subs for episodes 25-48 I found. I checked and they are timed to RAWs available here in Nyaa so only a translation remains.. maybe someone is up to task? Anyways, here they are: https://www50.zippyshare.com/v/vO3cVEG8/file.html
We also know a group who is sitting on english, timed translations for the whole show so...