[Harunatsu] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san - 04 [720p Hi444PP AAC][C6413447].mkv

2018-03-04 19:58 UTC
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  • [Harunatsu] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san - 04 [720p Hi444PP AAC][C6413447].mkv (397.2 MiB)
Why not? I'll revive again in mid-april.
I haven't been watching this very long, I'm about half way through, there are two different ending songs now? I like your font, except it's a little thin... if you could change it to bold, it might be easier to read. Also I noticed in the first ending song, a couple minor translation issues, so... I know you probably don't care, but here: romanitikku koi no antenna wa My romantic love antenna arashi de dokoka e tonde itta was blown away somewhere by a storm uso deshou tsumetaku ashiratta "I can't believe you" he said, spurning me coldly koshaku no ekubo ni his impudent little dimples chotto kokoro ga yureteru are making my heart flutter a little hontou wa honki de atashi wo "The truth is, you're important to me shikatte kureru daijina hito because you scold me so seriously." nan tte ittara aitsu wa If I actually told him that, tokuige ni naru kara I'm sure he'd be elated mou hometari shinai so I'll never praise him. taikutsu na unmei ni akiaki shitara If you're tired of the same old boring fate, shiranai kotoba de tokihanashite ne Use unknown words to unleash yourself (TL: could mean unknown language/new language/unknown vocabulary) daarin daarin darling, darling, kokoro no tobira wo kowashite yo break down the door to my heart. (your heart??) taisetsuna koto wa me wo miteitte the important thing is to look into my eyes anata to naraba kono machi wo nukedaseru If you're with me, we can leave this town ima sugu tsuredashite take me away right now My sweet sweet darling. .... I can't be 100 percent sure my interpretation is correct, without seeing the official lyrics, but I know this is pretty accurate. Where I have my doubts is because of missing pronouns, which is INCREDIBLY common in Japanese, and totally annoying. Especially the "uso deshou" part could be totally different if I'm wrong about the missing words. But anyway, use this or don't, it's all good. ;)
Why? Why start subbing a series, complete a few episodes then vanish only to turn up the following season and do exactly the same thing again! What is the point?
Pls finish this!!