citrus ED Single - Mia REGINA - Dear Teardrop [FLAC] [w Scans]

2018-03-01 17:24 UTC
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Thanks (indirectly) to 乐乐@TSDM.

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  • [Sheldonsuckz] Mia REGINA - Dear Teardrop [FLAC] [w Scans]
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    • 01 Dear Teardrop.flac (35.7 MiB)
    • 02 DREAMER'S PAIN.flac (38.9 MiB)
    • 03 Dear Teardrop (Instrumental).flac (34.4 MiB)
    • 04 DREAMER'S PAIN (Instrumental).flac (38.5 MiB)
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I guess I could credit them. As usual I didn't take it from TSDM so I had no Idea where it came from.
who the fuck cares about these chinese idiots, it's not like you even have any proof, he could've even buy it or just get it from some other community/tracker/whatever.
The only reason I care is that I don't want my account banned. Other then that I couldn't care less.
banned from where? here? nobody'd ban you. from TSDM? they can see whether you spent points on it or not, so if they see you didn't they have no reason to ban you.
Yes TSDM, I agree there wouldn't be no reason to ban me from here. I sunk 20 bucks in the site so regardless of whether I spent the points on the music if they see fit to ban me they can so I'd rather not be put in that position. [Shin-S]
\>paying for pirated rips lmfao
huh, has links, what a little bitch
shinnoden[Shin-S] cause
Paying for pirated rips was better than spending the same amount on every cd I wanted.
wouldn't say it's better, considering you can find basically every single cd outside TSDM, sometimes it's just later
Mashin was he referring to a 1000 coin penalty for uploading?
no no coin(天使币) 威望
Oh I see so you need 1000 prestige or wish to access certain files? I agree I think it would be too high.
@Mashin Are you reporting Shin? If so why? Just.... no dude. Snitches get stitches.
shin deserves it for using paid link shorteners tbh
It's better then having to pay Chinese idiots seeking financial gain and threaten to ban/warn those who share lossless files here at their site. Look at this bitch ass TSDM I think he/she/it is saying this flac is to be shared only at TSDM.