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2018-03-01 07:14 UTC
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**Original Source:** Kids Station **Video:** *WinxBloom1980&Puto encode, h264, crf 18, 640x480, yuv420p, high@3.2* **Audio:** *WinxBloom1980&Puto encode, AAC 2.0, 128kb/s* **Subtitles:** *4Kidz & Winneon (translation), Winneon (editing, timing, typesetting, & karaoke)* **Preface:** This release uses the original Japanese audio, but also uses the dub's audio as a basis for its translation. That's the point of this release. If you want a direct 1:1 translation of the Japanese audio, look no further than PM-Fansubs' excellent release. This release will be the first of many. I plan to at least attempt to release every original Pocket Monsters episode, however long it may take. One of two things will occur: I will release all 276 episodes over the course of what will probably be over a year, or I will lose interest and the series will be dropped. We'll see which outcome will be the end result. As stated in the preface, this release and future releases use the original dub's audio as the basis for its translation. However, don't let that fool you. I have taken a few liberties to make the translation sound more similar to the spoken dialogue. It's impossible for this to be a 1:1 dub -> Japanese translation anyway, considering that the original Japanese audio has lines that the dub does not. Every line in this release sounds fluid and works in context with the scene. In fact, I am very happy at how this release turned out. This is also not a direct rip of a English dub subtitle track; I manually timed every single line from the spoken dialogue. The end preview that showcases the next episode is not translated, because the original English dub does not have previews, at least I couldn't find a source that had them. The video & audio source from WinxBloom1980&Puto, of which I believe is the best source available for every episode of the original Pocket Monsters as of this time. No part of the original encode was tampered with, to preserve the original footage & audio. This means sponsor cards & previews are included. The original encodes do not include chapters, but I have added them in, one for each segment. This release also consists of proper typesetting for spoken dialogue and karaoke, for both the OP & ED. View the below screenshots to get a glimpse at what that looks like. **Lastly, there are two available subtitle tracks:** one for English names, and one for Japanese names. The English names track uses the official translation of every character, item, location, and Pokémon. The Japanese names track uses a Romaji translation of the original Japanese names with honorifics, the same ones listed previously. The Japanese names & the karaoke translation are sourced from Bulbapedia, of which I think they did an excellent job. View the below list to see what exactly is different between the two subtitle tracks. * Pallet -> Masara * Ash Ketchum -> Satoshi * Ash -> Satoshi * Professor Oak -> Okido-hakase * Mr. Gary -> Shigeru-kun * Gary Oak -> Okida Shigeru * Gary -> Shigeru * Poké Ball -> Monster Ball * Pokédex -> Pokémon Zukan * Onix -> Iwark * Bulbasaur -> Fushigidane * Charmander -> Hitokage * Squirtle -> Zenigame * Pidgey -> Poppo * Rattata -> Koratta * Spearow -> Onisuzume ![screenshot](https://files.catbox.moe/sushbf.png)![screenshot](https://files.catbox.moe/khjnct.png) ![screenshot](https://files.catbox.moe/cl2dp6.png)![screenshot](https://files.catbox.moe/ubl1jw.png) ![screenshot](https://files.catbox.moe/6ii18l.png)![screenshot](https://files.catbox.moe/ym1q1j.png) ![screenshot](https://files.catbox.moe/vtly98.png)![screenshot](https://files.catbox.moe/h28o2f.png)

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Thanks a lot, awesome!
>dubtitles >japanese names and honorifics holy fuck i can't handle this torrent
Dweebs won't allow this torrent to exist, they only know English XD Regardless, you're dope, aid! I could've sworn I'm the only one who prefers JP over EN for Pokemon.

animeisdead (uploader)

even on twitter! mom i’m famous
I guess people will be pissed a lot at the fact that this release is based on "dubtitles", per se... as for me.. given that it's some sort of basis.. and if you manage to surpass PM... I'll take that over anything, I just wanna watch Pokémon in Japanese. I mean, translating from Japanese is hard, and you won't see someone who knows Japanese dedicating themselves to sub such a long series.. I, myself, and others, have to base subtitles of Doraemon from either other dubs or other language subs, because... you won't find anyone who knows Japanese doing it. TLDR; Good luck on this journey.
Did you transcribe it manually by audio btw or did you use the closed captions? If the first is the case I can give you the CC.

animeisdead (uploader)

@DavionBlackwing Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it. @PannenkoekenNL It's transcribed manually, but I think I prefer doing it that way over using CC or dub subtitles, because it allows me more freedom in timing the subtitles. This is especially important because the dub & sub audio do not line up ever, and there are often lines that don't exist in one or the other. I appreciate the gesture, though.
Thanks a lot, I never watched Pokemon as a kid so I've been interested in watching the original. probably would have got around to it eventually in dub but this seems like a good excuse to start watching now :)
>few liberties good like with ep 34. were that tarzan boy's staring at mistys breast and then asking "you people or pokémon?", instead of the japanese "can i suck breasts?". wouldn't make any sense