Video Girl Ai 2018 - 05 [SkewedS] [HD] [DoA]

2018-02-27 01:17 UTC
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![alt text]( Koji Shimizu was originally a dancer in the original manga introduced at volume 11. **Softsubbed HD (1280x720) 10-bit - [Mega](!ZShHGTSD!nI_dTaLEfManC1-HNAzLiiX_pwjx6RZIpuT5utxbbcc) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6Q2K7DLL72XW4JWYG3PFFN5GT5ZJEC2M&dn=Video+Girl+Ai+2018+-+05+%5BSkewedS%5D+%5BHD%5D+%5BTV%5D& Softsubbed HD (1280x720) 8-bit (from DoA) - [Mega](!sCwQBIrC!4OYR0tzx4i04y5j_MKtjxRibACjg_nzJOnuEtnE6iSY) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:CI4LZK44ZR74P6WQS6Y5Z2L75GON5JPP&dn=Video+Girl+Ai+2018+-+05+%5BSkewedS%5D+%5BHD%5D+%5BDoA%5D& Hardsubbed FWVGA (854x480) 8-bit - [Mega](!YL5zVSIC!0LcahQ0cvzWf2D1hhUXozrYe9fNFwkY2TS24im_aVgI) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EEOMF4MUKU4HM2FZWUW7IVAXGJNMV5OK&dn=Video+Girl+Ai+2018+-+05+%5BSkewedS%5D+%5BFWVGA%5D+%5BTV%5D& Softsub Script - [MediaFire]( | [D-Addicts]( xDelta3 Patch (of the DoA raw with CRC32 [DB3F1E61]) - [MediaFire]( Stream - [DailyMotion]( (pw: tl-skeweds)** If you find our releases useful, kindly consider donating - | |

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ok ... I am confused ... I thought because the raws were misnumbered, that maybe this was actually ep 6 ... but after watching the first minute of it, it really is just ep 5 ? ? ? ? is this a v2 of ep 5

TL-SkewedS (uploader)

@komugi - No, this is not a v2 of ep5 but is the version that uses the raw from the DoA encoding group, only mostly muxing our v1 softsubs. DoA is a very well known encoding group in the JDrama community. The one with the [TV] tag uses our own encode from a ts raw. The biggest apparent difference between the DoA and our own encodes is that DoA uses 8-bit, while ours uses 10-bit. ( Now that I think about it, I should've made our own encode with a 1440x810 resolution instead of 1280x720 which is the same as DoA's. Oh well. Better judgment next time. ) Another difference is that there is different chaptering between the encodes. Also, there is usually an unnecessary advertisement towards the end of each episodes in the DoA version which is not present in our own encodes. Our initial post regarding the different v1 versions in our microblog here - The reason that this episode of DoA version came later is that the DoA encoding group released the raw of the specific episode later when our final v1 softsubs is ready to be released. If you can't wait, there are already beta versions of ep6 & ep7 as of writing in the D-Addicts thread here - - Here is the explanation of the version iterations -
@ SkewedS ahhh ok ... thank you for the feedback :-) ... I'm good on waiting till you release your versions :-)
hmmmm ...wondering if this project has been dropped ? :-(

TL-SkewedS (uploader)

@komugi - not dropped. Translator just got busy translating films at the moment which got priority queue. For updates, kindly check our microblog.
hmmmmmmm ... it looks like this project stalled ... or died :-(
yeah ... I looked at the microblog ... and was it pretty bad for what it showed "[SkewedS] Video Girl Ai 2018 ep8 beta version softsubs released!" ... that was 2 WEEKS ago ... nothing even showed up on the microblog about ep's 6 & 7
can i request? :3 i really want sub Hyouka LA but not have time.... if you please subbed Hyouka ;( [This link if you need the raws](

TL-SkewedS (uploader)

@komugi - kindly check carefully the D-addicts thread of the beta version softsubs. Until ep9 of the series is available. You can already watch the beta versions if you can't really wait. > ep6 - > ep7 - > ep8 - > ep9 - Thank you for patiently waiting and understanding that the series is not stalled nor dead. ------ @NOSoba - that's highly likely that we'll work on since it's Hyouka, but let's see how things go (and no one beat us to it).