Detective Conan - Episode ”ONE” [Kienai]

2018-02-25 02:41 UTC
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![alt text]( "Kienai Detective Conan Episode ONE") ### Detective Conan Special: Episode "ONE" Video: H.264 720p (Blu-ray Source) Audio:DTS HD MA 5.1 (AC3 640k) Subtitles: Kienai (Full ASS Softsub) Chapters: Included Yes, we're back in action, because as our name implies, Kienai is a group that never fades away! Fitting with the theme of rebooting the group, we've decided to start by releasing this reboot of the first episode of Detective Conan, entitled 'Episode "ONE": The Shrunken Great Detective". For those who don't know, this was a special TV Movie celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Detective Conan animated series that aired on December 9, 2016, as part of the "Kinyou Roadshow", a Friday evening time slot dedicated to airing movies in Japan. This is our first release of a movie since we first started subtitling Detective Conan with Movie 11 many years ago, our first Blu-ray release, and our first fully soft-subbed release! (Hurray for catching up with the times!) We've tried to pay tribute to Anime-Conan in this release, by styling and modelling the effects of the karaoke for "Mune ga Doki Doki" (The Pounding of my Heart) and "Unmei no Roulette Mawashite" (Spin the Roulette of Destiny) after what they did for those two opening themes, because we recognize that A-Conan laid the groundwork for every other group that came afterwards. We'd like to point out that because we found that the 1080p video on the blu-ray was, in fact, upscaled from 720p, we will not be releasing a 1080p version. While most of the work on this release, from encoding the Blu-ray , translating, typesetting, etc was done by myself (jmaeshawn), there are a few people I'd like to thank for their help. Mamo-chan for QC Akai-Shuichi for identifying the font used in our tribute to Anime-Conan's karaoke of "Unmei no Roulette Mawashite", and for finding one error not found in the initial QC and Licca for providing the initial TV raw, timing, font suggestions and identification, as well as general support. I'd also like to welcome Licca as an official member of Kienai! Licca has a lot of experience in working on Conan through working with The Moonlighters and running Baaro. I look forward to working together! Enjoy this much-improved version of the beginning of Detective Conan, and look forward to our future releases! ------ **This is a version 2 release, fixing various issues that slipped through the cracks in the initial release.** Two missing fonts needed for some lines to display properly were added. Several typos in lines fixed. The wrong voice actor name listed in the opening credits was corrected. Other various lines fixed for consistency with the TV series and for better flow. **Despite this file not being labeled as "v2", you can identify the first version from the second version by the CRC in the file name, which is 7A3867E9 for this new version.**

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  • Detective Conan - Episode ”ONE” [Kienai][7A3867E9].mkv (1.5 GiB)
Thanks! Is it possible for you guys to maybe provide a patch for those who already have v1?
I think he tried and for some reason it didn't work, but it should be possible.
Please, try to make patch, thanks ;)

jmaeshawn (uploader)

I tried (repeatedly) to make a patch prior to releasing this, and found that no matter what I tried, the patch program (xdelta3) unfortunately gave nothing but errors due to the full-width quotation marks in the filename of both the v1 and the v2. Therefore, I decided to release it without a patch instead.
@jmaeshawn No problem, I just downloaded the attachments from animetosho, since there was no change in video. Thanks for the version 2 again!
@jmaeshawn It's because xdelta3 has no Unicode support for Windows. It was requested years ago, but well, there's no progress at all. And no, in Linux and other *nix, xdelta3 works with Unicode filenames perfectly. You can do some workaround like renaming files to source.tmp & target.tmp > making patch, and in the applying script, also renaming files to source.tmp > applying the patch > renaming source.tmp & target.tmp to their proper names. One liner won't work. And you will need another workaround as windows batch script also doesn't support Unicode. I've made a patch with my little YAXBPC here, if you want: conan_one_patch_v1_07C61CCC_to_v2_7A3867E9.7z | 526 KB |!E9JjQDAZ!-rBzCPM_aUZ0reW6uMalpq_icdBo2bWAfwApLl60Xcs
Hi/peace, Thanx for sharing, really appreciate it!