Toji no Miko - 06 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv

2018-02-13 18:08 UTC
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Source:HorribleSubs Video Codec:x265 12bit If you have any problems with playback or subtitle rendering, please make sure you're using the latest version of the MPC-BE,MPC-HC,PotPlayer,VLC media player,KMPlayer,SMPlayer,MXPlayer Download URL

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  • Toji no Miko - 06 (1280x720 HEVC2 AAC).mkv (207.8 MiB)

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it's been a while since your last uploads, is everything okay?
Hey dude, are you okay?
Hey dude is everything okay?
Concerned fan also checking in. Is you okay?
same here. are u okay?
its like something happening to him ):
probably something happened to his hardware, and it needs time to get fixed, it happens to encoders all the time, let's hope that's all and the guy is alright
@Otaku_J-san It seems that he met some trouble so that he hasn't posted any new torrents for almost 2 weeks. (他似乎遇到了一些麻烦,以至于他至今已经将近两周的时间仍未发布新的 torrent) In the past, if he had a problem with encoding, he just stopped posting at most about 1 week. (在过去,如果他有压制上的问题,他只停止发布最多大约一周) I hope that the reason is just Chinese New Year's Days (start from February 15th to 21st, in 2018) and he just went back to his country for reunion for a span. (我希望原因只是中国春节,并且他只回去他的家乡去团聚一段时间)
@inhumanq is he chinese? you seem to know the guy, tbh I don't know him, he doesn't have a website and is not associated with any encoding groups all I know is that he goes by ''roger'' and that I like his encodes. in any case he might release everything in batches when the season is finished, so I'll wait till then and see what happens
hopefully he will come back soon.
@Otaku_J-san I know that he can speak Chinese. He encodes anime with no subtitles in the beginning (about 10 years ago, but a few of them are with extra Chinese subtitles which are gotten from other Chinese fansubs) The following url is an example: (Due to database accident in that website in 2017 September, we can't directly look the anime he posted there before, even if you change the "13" into "14" or more on the above url.) But the following url is the proof: It seems that he started from 2008/07/04. At that time, he also posted them on "" (But is dead several years ago because its database is saved in Chinese)
In 2011, he changed the title he posted. I thought he can't get FULLHD ts from share (a P2P software popular in Japan several years ago), so he changed to use 1440x1080 ts for encoding. From 2012/07/21, he started to encode with 10bit. (During 2011/07/12 to 2012/07/21, he didn't post on dmhy, but still post on ktxp, Tokyo Toshokan and share) It seems that he stopped posting during 2013/04/07 to 2014/06/18. From 2014/06/18, he started to use new encoding skill (hevc, or be called x265) but with 1280x720 (only batch) until 2015/09/29.
From 2015/07/08, he started to encode English subtitle anime, using horriblesubs 1080p to now (also posted on NT and Tokyo Toshokan)英語字幕 He stopped posting on that website from 2017/07/11 (I thought that English subtitles anime are not supposed to post there), but still post on NT and Tokyo Toshokan. After NT is down, he posted on AniRena instead of NT from 2017/05/05 After about 5 months, he started to post on I go to this page because after he stopped posting on dmhy, I just downloaded his VRAINS, but he hasn’t posted VRAINS for over 2 weeks. So I want to know if his other releases are the same, and so are they. I hope he will come back soon too. Note: my native language is Chinese. My English is maybe not so correctly. Please forgive me for my poor English.
no, don't worry, your English is quite good, thanks for the info....this guy is veteran encoder then, I hope he comes back soon, because most of my seasonal anime are from his encodes
hope you can get back soon :'""")
guys i want to ask something how can i play this video codec in my phone?? is there any chance?
Try using mx player plus its codec, test with different decoders
Hey dude, just checking in to see if everything is okay on your end!
Hi, another concerned fan checking in. Is everything all right over there?
been almost a month, think he is gone for good :(
he might release everything in batches once the season is over we just have to wait till then
Ok fans for how looking for another encoder with mini size and high HQ you will find a lot of anime in this site bette from another Source and if any one know about another sites with HQ and Hevc encoding tell me about it pls^^
Guys! He's back!!!