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2018-02-13 17:18 UTC
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Netflix version. Hybrid will commit seppuku as he has failed his duty and shamed our name. - Join our discord: https://discord.gg/gSNEkDs - For a smooth playback of this release, we recommend you use [mpv](https://mpv.io/installation/). **We are recruiting skilled translators to help us save anime. If interested, please contact *Congroo* on our IRC channel or discord server.**

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  • [Chyuu] Fate⁄EXTRA Last Encore - 01v3 [720p][F96AB377].mkv (388.2 MiB)

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Chyuu (uploader)

If you post any v4 jokes, we're gonna see to it that it's gonna be the last thing you ever post.
>staff member will commit seppuku Great, more delays inc
With that v3, it's the 5th releases, so the season is over?
waiting for v4 meme ty :3
[insert v4 joke here]
I wonder how many "holes" will be there after commit seppuku XD
Committing suicide South Park style. Ref. S11E07 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99Q-Xb96eAc https://www.hulu.com/watch/253700
Please don't bulli me
do u use praetor though xd
inv4 b4 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
look forward to my updated version of these scripts once episode 3 is released with the only change being maestro = praetor
@ap1234 - sounds like you are doing good work then. The Roman should speak Latin, not Italian.
@icesticker Phew. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that.
"Praetor" ┐( ̄3 ̄)┌
Don't need sudoku, just a proper Roman meme.
final or v4 umu ver.
Cant be waitting for drop this =3=
v5 when ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
U r best, but why the hell delete previous version? It had over hundred commentaries "discussion", some with great thought, I wanted to show my friend later how stupid 'praetor' fanatics are. Think about people's deleted posts, heartless bastards :D
> great thought Please—even if your own standards for greatness are low—do your friend a favor and preserve their time and sanity.
@saint347 here's the thing, in epiosde 2 nero says "Praetor" in english during the fight in the mayors office (listen closely and you'll hear it) yet they still translated it as "maestro" for the subs. Why?
@Jason_Wander you are imagining things. Praetor is just a random word, random roman title found by some pleb. That way you can find more useless dead words. The thing is, that is not what Nero means. I suspect people are so stubborn, that almost deaf, blind or having fish-memory, because right after protag's question she explains herself: "One who takes me, envy the Muses, and shapes my melody beneath your baton?" or "One who plays me as an instrument, such that even the muses are green with envy. That's the innuendo.". Excluding FMSubs, not even trying to translate. That might be not Maestro, but Maestro is closest. Not some random ancient Roman title like Praetor. Nero Claudius is high as fk. She would not accept being a servant and being in serve of some Praetor. And instead, calling her Master as Mestro and being musical instrument is her delusional way out of this situation.
"She said it but she didn't mean to say it". Ok.
@Jason_Wander I see you posting everywhere that she says Praetor during that fight and it's not true, she only speaks Japanese during the fight and the word "Praetor" is never said (subtitles aside) in any official release Nero has appeared in so far
@Betterdeadthanred In what place I admitted it? I said: "Jason_Wander is imagining/hearing things". Looks like it applies to you too. No surprise, you are praetoric after all, hearing only what you want to.
@Saint347 Maestro is not the closest. Maestro is not even the same language. Nero is Roman, thus she speaks Latin, not Italian. That would be like saying it is okay to replace Cu's use of Master with Hallita because it means what you want it to mean, yet Cu is Irish not Finnish. Having Nero speak Italian is more wrong then having her say any random Latin word. She also didn't seem to mind being a servant in Extra and Extella. The use of Praetor is actually quite fitting when you look at Extella (the game I have the most experience with) and Hakuno's constant attempts to compare her to more warlike gods and Nero wanting to be compared to the Muses. Nero also constantly refers to herself as the Emperor of new Rome in the Moon Cell, and treats Hakuno very much like a general or an administrator under her but also as someone who has power over her, so Praetor does fit when you look at their actual relationship and the way they see each other. Even if it is not the definition of the word she uses exactly, it certainly fits better than an Italian word.
On 17:23 where it says "Why must I do this? haven't I killed enough?" shouldn't that line be different? Hakuno hasn't killed anyone yet (he hasn't advanced the round). An User on Beast's Lair translated that sentence in a different way: What hakuno says in japanese "Naze Ore 'ga' korosu no ka?" Translates to... "Why do I have to kill?" If he were to say "Why do I have to be killed?" Then the line in japanesse would be "Naze ore 'o' korosu no ka?" The full line is btw... "Why do I have to kill? Isn't this enough killing?"
@appraiser I posted it because I never had anyone give me a response. I watched those videos before I knew the cancer argument even was a thing. Watch the fight at the office where she says [ ] don't die before I get there and tell me what she says first. It sure ain't sousha, and I she doesn't say that anywhere in that line.
hmm, yes, it's definitely not 奏者, the captions are lying to me https://sharex.thevacuumof.space/2018/02/CXmUlUGrlI.png