Video Girl Ai 2018 - 03 [SkewedS] [HD] [TV]

2018-02-11 05:40 UTC
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![alt text]( 'Find out if Nanase Nishino will also do a Jojo pose in this episode!') Find out if Nanase Nishino will also do a Jojo pose in this episode! **Softsubbed HD (1280x720) 10-bit - [Mega](!5XojEJ6S!UHQvGNmIYBEjinGVI0XomLau1qGdZxPLVdU8Df_phDw) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6ZCDDASJSOKVTIE3EBVQMBPKEJ4W3JIU&dn=Video+Girl+Ai+2018+-+03+%5BSkewedS%5D+%5BHD%5D+%5BTV%5D& Softsubbed HD (1280x720) 8-bit (from DoA) - [Mega](!EPZySSYC!B3JN8B7E_ZpWdjLJ-f-myQI3_tDXh1AD_jxp2PmBRvs) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ACUJF4UZIM2ITUGQZ2IB4YOZ5JF5GI5L&dn=Video+Girl+Ai+2018+-+03+%5BSkewedS%5D+%5BHD%5D+%5BDoA%5D& Hardsubbed FWVGA (854x480) 8-bit - [Mega](!NO5ERaoD!8gnK7jP5F-DRLFHDxj4WEQ28B5hbiRLSdSGOZDS69Ak) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:MRG2PJN2ZU4LBC6AVRSFUMNFWGM3YP4V&dn=Video+Girl+Ai+2018+-+03+%5BSkewedS%5D+%5BFWVGA%5D+%5BTV%5D& Softsub Script - [MediaFire]( | [D-Addicts]( xDelta3 Patch (of the DoA raw with CRC32 [4D437768]) - [MediaFire]( Stream - [DailyMotion]( (pw: tl-skeweds)** If you find our releases useful, kindly consider donating - | |

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  • Video_Girl_Ai_2018_-_03_[SkewedS][HD][TV][62C028A5].mkv (284.3 MiB)
thank you :-) I have seen the raws for ep 4 show up on here ......... hoping that you will be doing the rest of this series :-)

TL-SkewedS (uploader)

Ep4 is currently already in editing / QC stage. (Beta version subs released at D-Addicts.) Ep5 raws have been encoded already from the ts raws, already initially timed + translated (beta version subs released at D-Addicts). Just needs fine tuning of timing, and typesetting, before sending to editing / QC. We will more or less release both ep 4 & 5 using our own encodes even if DoA version raws aren't publicly available yet. We will just release the DoA version muxing + softsubs + xDelta3 patch when DoA version is publicly available. Hopefully, we would be able to do the rest of the series also (and eventually also release 1080p versions if Amazon Prime Webrips would eventually be available (from DragsterPS perhaps?) or maybe Blu-Ray rips).
very cool :-) I read the original manga ... and have seen the original anime and the first live action movie ... this is a fun, and fascinating story ... this new part to the story is turning out to be just as interesting as the original story ... it will be fascinating to see how Yota (the uncle, and MC of the original story) fits in to this arc