Crayon Shin-chan - 0237a - Japanese with English subtitles [DVD][ATTKC]

2018-02-05 11:03 UTC
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Episode 237a of Crayon Shin-chan in Japanese with English subtitles. *237a - The Grandpas Have Changed* See all our releases [here]( Feel free to [join the Shin-chan Discord]( to chat about the series! Credits go to KIKU, sotoo, imatu, chimpoozle, and Valerie Yoza. ![Shin-chan](

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  • Crayon Shin-chan - 0237a - English subtitles [ATTKC][9989C002].mkv (59.0 MiB)
Anything of Shin-chan in English is better than FUNimation's shitty job.

PannenkoekenNL (uploader)

I agree, I really hate the Funimation dub. It changes the show completely into a South Park-like show.
^ The Vitello dub was really good but cancelled or something. LUK Internacional made an English dub version of Shin-chan with the original terms, names and music but also appears to have been canned or just 26 episodes and nothing more. What's really weird is that they only released it on 3DS UK eShop (and apparently the South African eShop). Yet out of all, only FUNimation still stands as to make an ongoing English dub of Shin-chan but it's utter shit. I don't want to watch a wannabe South Park series, I want Shin-chan to be Shin-chan! Meh.. I always have the Spanish version by LUK Internacional so it's no big deal but English speakers are missing out so much on Shin-chan and Doraemon that they can't imagine!
@Pan Couldn't you guys grab the 26 episodes (moreso just the audio and then sync with DVDRips/TVRips) English dubbed by LUK Internacional and release it? I'd love to watch all those episodes again but in English by LUK Internacional.

PannenkoekenNL (uploader)

Well, I do have rips of the English dub by LUK Internacional but it are moflex files. Those are impossible to convert rightly to another codec. Someone tried to sync the audio to Spanish TV rips but he said it was too difficult. And yeah, the English dub by LUK Internacional is the most accurate English dub of Shin-chan.