[PAS] Houseki no Kuni - 01 [BD 720p qAAC] [5972F4CF].mkv

2018-01-31 14:25 UTC
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Zero point in 1080p except the OP. We'll include a trimmed OP when we release the full volume. Multi track release: masculine pronouns (light/heavy kfx options) and gender-neutral pronouns (light/heavy kfx options) - default is masculine with heavy kfx. #pa-subs@irc.rizon.net Recruiting translators/translation checkers for whatever either doesn’t get simulcasted (or is latecasted) or receives a god-awful official translation each anime season! Email pas.fansubs(AT)gmaildotcom or, preferably, hit up KoolKidsK on #pa-subs@irc.rizon.net if interested and help save anime with us! XDCC available on IRC.

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  • [PAS] Houseki no Kuni - 01 [BD 720p qAAC] [5972F4CF].mkv (992.8 MiB)
>gender-neutral pronouns What?
@Astral Commie.
qAAC audio what's that means? xd
Quicktime AAC, the best AAC encoder
>^codec Encoder. AAC is a codec and QAAC is an encoder (or maybe more accurately a wrapper for an encoder), in the same way that H.264 is a codec and x264 is an encoder.
>qaac >not opus 0/10
tfw no best girl because none of them are girls
English does have neutral pronouns, wtf.
@herkz: What is the proper word to refer to a third person of unknown gender in English then, since most commoners will use a plural like a variant of "they", or default to masculine terms like "guys"? <,<
"They" is singular and has been for hundreds of years.
I'm requesting subs where they call each other "dude".
why not “bruv” lol
Much appreciated.
Diamond is best GEM not girl >> i cant decide who is 2nd best tho. Don't tempt me with them GEM butts
The point is that it can be difficult to differentiate a singular "they" from a plural "they" when reading the subtitles, as the context of each conversation is different and can change quickly. So for people with ADD it would be easier with Japanese pronouns.
>So for people with ADD it would be easier with Japanese pronouns. i'm in awe of how stupid this is
>i’m in awe of how stupid this is same
The consensus best solution to the non-gendered singular pronoun problem seems to be to write the distinction between singular and plural third-person personal pronouns out of the English language (using "they" for both). So I can't really bring myself to make fun of anyone's alternative solution to that problem (even if it's using untranslated Japanese words).
meanwhile, japanese distinguishes plural in practically no other cases and nobody minds
Wow motbob, you're right. Clearly they singular v. they plural is just too hard to distinguish. It's a good thing English has no other set of words with the same spelling or same pronunciation. ?
wow this 3dcg shit is fucking ugly