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Since somebody commissioned you to do this, I hope you won't mind a bit of quick criticism, with me only really having watched the first 5 minutes of these subs. Besides minor technical issues like a lack of chapters and you not translating the on screen names like at 02:49 in your release: The first thing is that you didn't do anything with the subs to deal with the scrolling text at 2:02, so it's hard to read white subtitles outlined black when there's also white text outlined black scrolling past right behind it filling the gaps. But the main thing is the inconsistent terminology and choices for terminology, besides calling Moon Cell the Lost Computer and SE.RA.PH as, presumably Earth, and Amari as Mari when you can clearly hear the "Ah-mari" from Shinji at 4:21, you also translated Shinji saying "Hengoku" in the class room at 3:45 as "Hell", but then a minute later you translate (A)mari saying Hengoku as "(The) Limbo" at 4:49. That's all I can really watch and comment on for now, but I might have more to say if I can find the time for it later.
@Jack Huh, that's a weird coincidence. I remember checking out those awful Spanish subs (the first LE subs) out of curiosity and they also had "Amari" as "Mari" and "Moon Cell" as "the Lost Computer". Don't know about the rest since I didn't watch it past that part.
Is this better than this one ? https://nyaa.si/view/1000844
We should play the game before watching this anime????? ?
@Floppy which spanish subs are you talking about?
>which spanish subs are you talking about? Just search Youtube for the LE Spanish subs. I believe those are the only Spanish subs.
ï¼ maroon1 Not better. Just looking at technical the explanations parts alone, SenritsuSubs is way off, whereas kooritsukai is pretty good. That is on top of the problems pointed out by Jack. Both subs after the ED credits seem to come from the same source though, and kooritsukai probably didn't sub that part because it was also mostly inaccurate. I would recommend to avoid these subs if you don't understand the Japanese because it will mostly misinform you, and there is the better alternative.
@maroon1 Overall I'd say that the one you linked there by kooritsukai-UMU is the much better one between these two actually. Only thing you should note is the poor translation on the post credits scene Floppy mentioned there since apparently kooritsukai didn't translate that part. But funnily enough, this one also still manages to make the exact same mistake as well with it being subbed as Number 290 instead of 129. Here's a comparison I made, since I can't link directly to imgur from torrent sites I just did a lazy twitter post to redirect to it. https://twitter.com/JackTheDaughter/status/958124282051149824 In terms of the raw video this one has the sponsor end card stuff where commercials break would've been which the other cut out, and also doesn't have the BS11 watermark. Although from looking at just the Red/Black screenshots it looks like the kooritsukai release might have better colors, but I don't wanna look much more into that. But regardless if you really care about quality, you're better off waiting to see what Chyuu does. @Somebody, I'm not 100% exactly sure if it's the same source actually, it's likely since they're very similar with even the same mistake with the master number, but it's not ripped from the exactly word for word unless Senritsu just changed the wording around a bit, and the kooritsukai one at least bothered to translate Hakuno's on screen name in the epilogue which this one didn't. @KoeKvv-2 You probably don't have to. It wouldn't hurt to have more context from the games since they might not explain everything in detail here and there'll apparently be extra details for those that have. But in an interview Nasu said he specifically wrote it so that even if you played the game you wouldn't know exactly what's happening or gonna happen anyway.
@JackTheStripper Yeah, the end part is not exactly same. I meant it was probably the same original translation and then 1 or both of the subs varied it a bit. It is too similar to be difference sources, unless, somehow, 2 different translators translated wrong in such similar ways. But that would be highly unlikely.