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2018-01-26 14:38 UTC
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![](https://i.imgur.com/pzw5Veh.png) Better late than never, eh? Maybe I'll stop falling behind on *Idol Time* now. This is a pretty fun movie, but it's a bit thin on content, mostly just a collection of gags and songs loosely strung together with a ppace theme*, more so than even the PriParis movie was with its "story". Obviously this release stands by itself and there shouldn't be any jokes or references skipped over, but to get a deeper appreciation of some of the less obvious comedy** this movie packed in, I've prepared some additional notes below. **Release credits:** Raw, encoding, TL, editing/QC, songs: me Timing, TS, assistance on editing/QC: aino **Notes:** Many of the planets featured in this movie have jokes based on their Japanese names. These jokes are represented in the subtitles, if not always in exactly the same way. Kaiousei (Neptune) means "ocean king/god planet", just like Neptune in English. "kaiou" is also a homophone for "kai oo" (many clams). Pluto's kanji meaning doesn't come up, though there is a joke about its name which the release explains well enough. Kasei (Mars) has the kanji for fire. The kanji for "ten" in Tennousei (Uranus) is shared by "tempura" (it means "heaven" as well). Dosei (Saturn) is a homophone for another "dosei", which means clay figure. Mokusei (Jupiter) has the kanji for tree or wood. Kinsei (Venus) has the kanji for "gold" or "money". Suisei (Mercury) has the kanji for "water". There is a reference to "chanto-rin-shan", which is a slogan from an old Japanese haircare ad. It refers to properly (chanto) rinsing (rin) and shampooing (shan). It has nothing to do with silly tile games. The aliens on Venus say "zeni", which is an old form of Japanese currency you may recognise as being used in *Dragon Ball*. At one point, a Japanese internet meme is referenced ("Just step with your left foot before the right one sinks"). This is facetious advice on how to walk on water and is usually paired with videos of animals appearing to do so. Once again, a carp (koi) reminds Love of her love (koi) for Coach Nishikigoi. In the movie, Lala is depicted wearing a ppacesuit with her hair outside the ppace helmet. This is clearly impossible and the air should be sucked from her little shougaku rokunensei lungs and she should swell and boil in the vacuum of ppace. Also on the subject of Lala's outfits, all the characters appear at the last shot of the second credits sequence while the main theme plays. Everyone else wears their casual coords, but Lala alone has a different one which serves as a slight spoiler, nothing you don't know if you've been watching *Idol Time* or pay any attention to the idol news. Mirei's infringement tickets usually say "School Rules Infringement Ticket" up the top and "How many times does this make?" down the bottom where the ticket number is written. In the Making Drama of the second-to-last song in the movie, similar tickets read "Legal Infringement Ticket" and "This isn't a game!" instead. The characters in the credit sequences are MyCharas: that is, avatars that players of the PriPara arcade game design and use while playing the game. This is the same as it was in the first and third movie, and who in all of ppace knows about the second one? Fittingly, the credits list "All the nation's PriPara idols" under "Special Guests". Several members of media and production company Aeon Entertainment also appear as MyCharas before the main characters at the very end. \* Ppace, not space: "uchuu" (space) is "puchuu" in this movie, so the word "space" has been changed to "ppace" to represent the extra p. Okay, it's actually spu-ace in this release, as amusingly dumb as "ppace" might be. ** Mostly just the ones that relate to Japanese pop culture or language. I'm not going to explain the *Triangle Star Wars* or *2001: A Ppace Odyssey* references, for instance.

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  • [SMC-Subs] Gekijouban PriPara Mi~nna de Kagayake! Kirarin★Star Live (BD 1080p FLAC) [31C8D973].mkv (6.0 GiB)
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so before anyone watches the movie, go ahead and skip to just 2 minutes before the movie ends, you'll thank me later.


Tobidasu PriPara: Mi~nna de Mezase! Idol☆Grand Prix where this movie 2
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When comes to CD with the new songs?

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@ar7: Never released outside of cinemas. @TailsxKyuubi: Which CD? Which songs? If you mean the song collection for this movie, I uploaded that a little over 8 months ago when I got it. For whatever reason it's not on this website, but there are other anime torrent websites you can find it on. The publisher Avex has all of their disc releases here: http://avex.jp/pripara/discography/